Research & development

Innovative ideas and design representing traditional values


The Karsai Group operates a unified research and design system. Modernization of the applied technologies in line with the requirements, and innovation in product and mould development are our goals.

Innovative ideas of our design engineers enables us to renew ourselves from time to time.
Our products, bringing your ideas to life, even the most unique ones, representing traditional and unconventional values succesfully meet professional challanges both in domestic and foreign environment.

Meeting the expectations of our recent and future partners, we monitor, introduce and bring in the most modern technologies in the field of both product and mould development.  

Our co-operation and partnership can be successfull if you are looking for technology and product development and design, or prototype production.

Design engineers at Karsai Plastics Holding Plc. use the Unigraphics Nx7.5 design software.

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