Our quality policy

The basic principle of our quality policy is to identify and fully satisfy our customers’ real and also potential needs. This can be achieved only through direct and to the point communication and close co-operation with both our customers and suppliers.

In line with the requirements of the automotive industry we strictly follow the rules and standards of ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 quality management systems. At the same time we are open and flexible to take on further requirements of another sort of quality management systems if our customer requires so.


Producing packaging materials for the food industry we apply the HACCP system.


The continuous improvement of the quality is our credo. Principles of TQM are applied consistently throughout the entire Karsai Group, supported by adequate education and training of the personnel.


Our quality procedures are strictly regulated, but the same time they form a flexible system, able to be adapted in accordance with the changes of the external conditions.


Robotization and the degree of automation of our production procedures do lessen the reject ratio to the minimum possible level.

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