Zöldfal Ltd.

Our branch company has prestigious past as dealing with plastic processing, whose legal predecessor was established more than 50 years ago.

 It had worked as Extruform-Karsai Plc. from 1999 and after that because of our new and individual system we changed to Zöldfal Zrt.


One of our company’s main ranges of products is extruding different kinds of complicated profiles films and sheets from commodity plastics and engineering plastics of thermoplastics for the electronics industry, building industry, advertising and manufacturing industry.


On the high performance co-extrusion we produce films and sheets made of different kinds of materials and in different kinds of colours. On the process of the manufacturing we use different layer structures such as AB or ABA. During the procession we can produce semi-finished and finished products at 0,5-7mm thickness and 400-1150mm width and 500-3000mm length.


According to our customers’ needs we produce different products in different colours. During the production we can use UV stabilizer, antistatic and other extenders.


Our company’s other important scope of activities is producting and distributing module elements of Karsai Greenwall - system. The Karsai Greenwall structure, which has been developed by our engineers, anybody could cover their walls with rich vegetation in their surroundings.



obtaining of majority ownership: May, 1999

built-in factory size: 1800m2



Our main activities

  • Production of the elements of Karsai Greenwall system
  • Eletronics and telecommunication industry: individual profiles
  • For building industry: diffusers, cable housing, insulation and cover profiles as well as different diameters of pipes
  • Other packaging materials: extruded sheets and films


Our used technologies

  • Sheet and film co-extrusion
  • Profile extrusion


Useable materials

HDPE, PP, PMMA, PC, PS, ABS, PVC, TPE and others


Certificates of quality: ISO 9001


12. Zsurló Street. 8000 Székesfehérvár

+36 22 510 010

+36 22 510 019

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