OVM-Karsai Ltd.

Estabilished in 1949. At the end of the fifties the company entered in contact with the then starting plastic industry through mechanical engineering then in the sixties it started its plastic processing activity also. By now plastic processing became the core business of the company.


In 1997 after Karsai Holding Zrt aquired the majority of the shares the company became a leading player of the Hungarian food packaging industry.


Our 7500 m2 plant has been built in 1988.


Our main profile is pressure formed packaging production for food and chemical industries and production of small and big sized logistic trays, blisters , covers etc. for automotive , electronic and other industries.


Employees no: 100

Total area: 2,5 ha

Built in area: 7500 m2



Scope of activity:

  • production of packaging for diary and other food industries
  • production of foils and sheets
  • production of logistic trays, blisters, covering elements etc.



  • extrusion
  • pressure forming
  • vacum forming
  • 3D cutting
  • printing, labeling, sleeve


Certifications: ISO9001, ISO14001, HACCP

5. Gyártelep Street, 5900 Orosháza

+ 36 68 413 766

+ 36 68 412 984

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