Kunplast-Karsai Ltd.

Kunplast-Karsai Ltd.

Our main product groups are connected to the automotive-, electric-, lighting-, food-, household- and other industries.

In our thermo plastic branch we produce different parts with injection molding technology from Polyephylens, Polystyrols and the so called „Technical plastics”.

The leading product group of thermo plastic processing is the interior plastic cover family for passenger cars (Hungarian Suzuki, Toyo Seat), high voltage injection coil parts (Ford), oil dip stick (VW), complete electric juncton boxes (Ford, Volvo), bumper consols (Ford-Visteon), truck air springs.

We have significant production of different household-, agricultural- and food industry products as well.


In our thermo set branch we process fenoplast, aminoplast and in the biggest volume glass fiber reinforced Polyesther SMC materials with pressing and injection molding technologies. We produce standard and explosion proof products for the automotive- and electric industry by pressing tecnology as well as bumper holding consoles, ash trays for passanger cars by bakelite injection molding technology and electric switch boxes used on sea oil drilling stations.

Our metal processing plant is specialized for producing hand brake shoe elements for passanger cars by steel cold forming, welding and heat treating technologies (BMW, Audi).

We produce aluminium heat shields made of aluminium sheets for BMW, VW, Audi passanger cars.


Our Tool Workshop is specialized for plastic processing molds manufacturing. Beside the producing of new tools, the main duties of our 25 employees there are the maintenance, repairing and modifying (if necessarry) the molds of our partners and our own ones.


Year of foundation: 1961

The Karsai Műanyagtechnika Holding Zrt. bought the majority of the shares: 2000

Employees: 240 fő Plant area: 6,5 ha Built in area: 20,000 m2



  • automotive parts production and asembling
  • lighting industry parts production and assembling
  • electric- and electronic parts production and assembling
  • agricultural-, household-, medical industry parts production and assembling
  • tool designing and manufacturing
  • laser printing and engraving
  • ultrasonic and vibration welding
  • painting
  • tampon printing



  • Thermo plastic injection molding (25 t – 2200 t) with electric and hydraulic machines and robotics
  • Thermo set plastic processing by pressing and injection molding (100-1000 t)
  • Assembling
  • Aluminium sheet processing
  • Steel cold forming
  • Welding
  • Heat treating
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Vibration welding
  • Designing and manufacturing of automatic assembly lines
  • Laser printing, engraving
  • Tampon printing



Quality assurance certificates:

ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001


Materials used for processing:

Thermo plastic raw materials: PC, PA, PMMA, ABS, PP, PS, PE, PBT, PPO/PPE etc.

Thermo set plastic raw materials: fenoplast (Bakelite), aminoplast, SMC (glass reinforced Polyesther resin)



Kunplast-Karsai Zrt.

6100 Kiskunfélegyháza, Szegedi út 66.

Tel: +36 76 562 300

Fax: +36 76 562 350



66. Szegedi Road, 6100 Kiskunfélegyháza

+36 76 562 300

+36 76 562 350

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