Karsai Plast Ltd.

The new production site of the Karsai Plast Ltd was erected in 2005, as a greenfield investment inside the Tiszaújváros Industrial Park. Here at this production site we operate one of the largest injection moulding machine of the Eastern European region with 4000 tonne clamping force. This outstanding high-tech injection moulding machine enables us to produce large size plastic parts and products. All the machines operated here are equipped with robots.


Our main customers are from the automotive, consumers electronics, houshold appliance, power tools and elecrtonics industry.


Start of the production: 2006.

Employee: 54 pers.

Area of the site: 4.7 Acre (1.9 ha)

Production site: 5200.-sq.m.



Main Activities:

  • Injection and blow moulding of thermoplastic products and parts from small to large size mainly for automotive, and electronics industry;
  • Automated and semi-automated assembly,
  • Tampoo printing;
  • Range of the on the site machinery: injection moulding: - 50 4000T; blow moulding: up to 60 l.


Technologies in use:

  • Thermoplastic injection moulding (50 4000t hydraulic machines), including:
  • RTC (Rapid Temperature Cycling);
  • Gas Supported Injection Moulding;
  • Metal and Wood Insert Moulding;
  • 2K Injection Moulding;
  • Blow Moulding (60 l)


Quality Certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949

3. Bay Zoltan Street, Tiszaujvarosi Ipari Park, 3580 Tiszaujvaros

+36 49 540 322

+36 49 540 323

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