Karsai Hargita Plast Ltd.

Karsai Hargita Plast Ltd.

Karsai Hargita Plast Ltd belongs to the Karsai Plastic Holding Plc group in 100% proportion. The company was established by the owner in 1988 in Transylvania, in Szentegyháza (Vlahita) town, near Székelyudvarhely (Odorheiu-Secuiesc). In July of 2005 Karsai Hargita Plast started its activity in a 3300 m2 new factory with an impressive maschine park. The main activity of the company is the production of plastic packagings for cosmetics, food industry, chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry. The main technologies applied are the following: injection moulding, injection blowing, PET blowing, extrusion. Mould repairing and maintenance plays an important role in our business policy.


Founded: in 1998

Employees: 40 persons

Area of the site: 1,725 ha

Built-up area: 3.300 m2



Range of activity:

  • pharmaceutical packagings
  • packagings for food industry
  • packagings for chemical industry
  • packagings for horticulture




  • injection moulding (35 – 175 T)
  • injection blowing (10-200 ml)
  • PE and PET bottle blowing (0.1 – 2 l)
  • Extrusion of foils (0.35-2.0 mm)
  • Press air forming (600*250 mm)
  • Assemblage
  • Off-set printing


Quality assurance: ISO 9001

47. Köztársaság Road, 535800 Vlahita, Romania

+40 266 246 937

+40 266 246 903

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