Karsai Alba Ltd. - Körmend

Karsai Alba Ltd. - Körmend

The main profile of our site in KÖRMEND is production of pharmaceutical packaging. The conditions for production are also created according to the GMP standards. The clean manufacturing hall can only be entered through air showers. (Grade 7)


Our traditional productline serves primarily the pharmaceutical industry. Our machines are robotized, the assembly of components performed by high-productivity machines. The production is carried out by electric injection molding machines.


Our main strength is the innovative thinking and close professional cooperation with our partners. As a result of that, our products received several awards on national and international competitions.



Year of foundation: 2004

Employees: 45 people

Site area: 6 000 m2

Built in area: 4 000 m2




Production and assembly of dispenser pumps, dispender valves, inhalers, closures with spacer and tablet dispensers.

3. Sport Street, 9900 Körmend

+36 22/510-010

+36 22/510-020

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